Monday, February 10, 2020

Sprint Wireless Service RECYLING Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sprint Wireless Service RECYLING Program - Essay Example Customers do not need to pay any additional charges to get their devices shipped and recycled through the company’s buyback program. The devices sent to the company through FedEx or United States Postal Service are tested by the company’s technicians for condition assessment. If a device is in a condition to become reusable by minor repairs, which is most likely in majority cases, the company makes use of all available resources to refurbish the hardware and update the software to make it ready for use again. Even in case a device is not in a condition suitable for refurbishment, the company separates its usable parts and recycles the rest of the device in accordance with the Federal and State environmental regulations. The receiving and processing of the shipment usually takes around thirty days, whereas it takes up to three billing cycles for a customer to get the account credit. The company also shows it corporate social responsibility by taking steps towards the promotion of free internet safety resources for children. Sprint gives two options to the customers. Customers either can get their due credit from the company through bill credit or can gift it to the Sprint project Connect to fund for the internet safety program. The company uses ISO SUU1 and 14UU1 as the recycling quality standards that ensure the use of most environment-friendly electronic waste disposal methods. The service has seen a number of considerable achievements so far. It has been ranked at the top spot among all major carriers. It also holds the record for recycling the most number of devices in a week. Currently, it has been named as the most eco-focused wireless carrier. Sprint has been the first U.S. telecom company to deliver an ‘A+’ corporate social responsibility grade (Sprint). The Sprint Buyback Program has been very successful since its start, which is evident from the fact that the company had collected

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