Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dynamic of Destruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dynamic of Destruction - Essay Example However, Dynamic of Destruction is little more than a list of atrocities committed during the first half of the twentieth century – even if the individual events themselves are new to the reader, the manner in which they were performed have been repeated often enough that they seem a natural part of warfare to us. Kramer's thesis is so obvious as to be barely an argument at all. However, the horrors of the Great War were not limited to Germany – other countries, such as Italy and the Balkan nations, also committed shocking acts of brutality on their own as well as other peoples. The chapter on 'German Singularity?' emphasizes that the â€Å"policy of absolute destruction† (114) was not unique to twentieth-century Germany, as many scholars have argued. Italy was one of the nations which perversely thrived under the influence of war. Its â€Å"eager †¦ brutality and racism† (116) at the dawn of the century was the nation's attempt to â€Å"restore Ital y's status as a Great Power† (116) as it invaded modern-day Libya. Even â€Å"Italy's bourgeois feminist movement renounced its pacifism† (118).

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